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In-Office Pathology, LLC Adds Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD)

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100% In-Office Pathology Laboratory Financing Available

Most practices can set up a lab with less than $3,500/month and no money down


Entering the business of in-office pathology is a major financial commitment for any practice.

Through our relationship with an independent medical leasing company (Knightsbridge Equipment Capital), your group can secure financing for construction, laboratory equipment, installation, and technical services of an IOP lab. If your group has been in business three or more years and has good credit, approval is straightforward. Your loan will be processed in about a week, versus up to eight weeks from your local bank. Each week waiting for a loan is revenue lost to your group.


There is no down payment required and there are no payments for the first six months with Knightsbridge Equipment Capital. IOP will design and build your lab, select equipment, recruit histotechs, negotiate with pathologists, do the credentialing, and get CLIA certification and COLA accreditation in approximately 90 working days. With that six month grace period, the new lab will generate sufficient cash flow to begin paying off the loan while still having a positive economic impact in the current year.


Knightsbridge Capital Financing Benefits:


• Zero down payment


• Zero payments for the first three months


• Interest rate is at a historic low for a 60-month lease


• Average lease is less than $3,500/month for all-new, top-of-the-line lab equipment


• You “pay as you go” and avoid capital expenditures for equipment, construction, etc


• You build cash flow for several months before your first lease payment is due


• You get your money in about a week, as opposed to eight weeks from local banks


• There is no prepayment penalty if you wish to pay the loan ahead of schedule


• The lease “buy out” is $1.00 at the end of the lease


• You will own the equipment and the laboratory cabinets and counter tops, etc. This is a strict requirement in the Stark law in-office exception for pathology self referrals


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