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In-Office Pathology, LLC Adds Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD)

Testing For Podiatry/Neurology/Pain Med Specialty Practices read release



You see patients and do procedures. We take care of pathology for you.


IOP’S in-office pathology labs are both located in, and wholly owned, by group practices to comply with existing legislation and Stark regulations. There are more than 118,000 CLIA-registered physician in-office labs (POLs) in the country.


With IOP, a group practice has access to our broad range of services, including: legal consult, construction and installation of a fully equipped anatomic pathology laboratory, recruitment of pathologist and histotech candidates, arrangement  of monthly compliance inspections and CLIA registration, credentialing, reimbursement, laboratory start up, a customized pathology reporting system, training of personnel, monitoring of laboratory operations and equipment, and supplies selection. IOP handles all these details while you continue to see patients and perform procedures.


Our in-office labs can be operational within 90 working days. First, a group practice will engage a local contractor for the construction of the lab. From there, IOP’s arsenal of experts work alongside the contractor to see the project to completion, utilizing the consulting services of a pathology laboratory manager who hails from one of the top four hospitals in the US, architects who have designed more than 100 laboratories, and professional project managers who insure the lab is installed on time, on spec, and under budget. In addition to this, we have experts in coding, credentialing, collection, and contracting. We have more than 60 years combined pathology lab business experience.



We do not work for reference labs, billing companies, or hospitals. We do not own a laboratory equipment company trying to unload equipment. We do not own a dermatology billing company. We do this full time as our core business. We created this business in 2004 and have more than 45 installations in 22 states, in urology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and multi-specialty practices. We do this better than anyone else.


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