IOP New Program with No financing required


IOP called Lend/Lease for installing an anatomic pathology lab in your practice. The spreadsheet proforma has an average practice volume of yearly biopsies and special stains included.


 The program highlights are as follows:


 IOP will provide the following:


 1- The capital expenditure for the lab equipment will be absorbed by IOP.

 2- IOP will rent the equipment to the practice during the agreement at market rates

 3- IOP will supply the lab computer system and rent it to the practice at market rates

 4 - IOP will have a 5 yr agreement with a flat monthly fee for its services (includes the rent for equipment  and computer system for the lab)

 5- IOP will select a pathology only revenue cycle management company to protect our investment


 The practice is responsible for the following items:


 1- Lab histotechs salary and benefits (part time or full time)

 2- pathologist fees (part time or full time)

 3- lab supplies, reagents and consumables

 4- lab build-out costs

 5- Utilities and rent for lab space

 6- Enlist the pathology only billing/collection firm and pay their collection fees


 The practice benefits are:


 1- No down payment required

 2- No capital expenditures for lab equipment or lab computer system

 3- Compliant with Stark Law

 4- This model can be incorporated into a shared lab environment as well

 5- Can bill all financial classes of patients (Medicare/Medicaid/Private)

 6- Practice still manages the lab with IOP oversight

 7- Respectable return on investment

 8- No financing required - No new debt acquired


In-Office Pathology (IOP) Offers New Lend/Lease

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