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IOP, LLC Announces Exclusive Relationship with Matthews Ward Healthcare Consultant for Credentialing and Managed Care Contracting Assistance to all In-Office Pathology Laboratory Installations


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Pat Kalish, VP Corporate Communications

In-Office Pathology, LLC



May 16, 2013

Lake Forest, IL – In-Office Pathology, LLC (IOP) announced today that it has reached an exclusive agreement for credentialing and managed care contracting consulting services for IOP in-office pathology laboratories with Matthews Ward of Richmond, VA. This exclusive agreement applies to all current IOP installations as well as in-office pathology installations with new specialty physician groups.


Pat Kalish, IOP’s VP of Corporate Communications, said, “We have entered into this exciting new relationship to support our current clients’ in-office pathology laboratories as well as new IOP clients. Ward has captured payments when clients initially were rejected for reimbursement. We are the only firm providing this critical service as part of our standard agreement. Ward is a well-known expert headquartered in Richmond, VA. He spent nine years working for APS Medical, the oldest pathology-only credentialing managed care contracting and billing company in the country. Before that, Ward ran managed care relationships for multi-hospital systems. He brings added value to every IOP installation.”


Ward stated, “The performance of practice-based anatomic pathology labs is highly dependent on an efficient and effective operation of the lab and an understanding of payers’ policies towards the services provided. We have seen credentialing, claims, coding, and contracting be the difference between highly effective practices and a failure to meet expectations.”


Kalish said, “Large specialty practices with an IOP pathology laboratory immediately see the benefits of our turn-key program. Our clients have reporting, information management, proper credentialing, compliant billing and local technical support unmatched by our competition. IOP specialty groups practice at a high standard of patient care plus are more productive. They all have on-site pathology consultations, which is unfortunately not the current state of affairs in pathology today. We are truly the market leaders with over 50+ installations in 20 states.”



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