**For Immediate Release**


In-Office Pathology, LLC Adds Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD)

Testing For Podiatry/Neurology/Pain Med Specialty Practices read release



Terms of Agreements


The conditions for all agreements are as follows:


1) The group practice must own the laboratory and hire the technical staff.


2) Testing performed in such a laboratory is restricted to patients of the group practice.


3) Pathology services are contracted at competitive market-driven rates.


4) Pathology services must have a formal written agreement.


5) All IOP agreements are “at risk.” If you don’t get paid, neither does IOP.


These limitations are the result of legislation, including “Stark Law” on self-referral, among others. IOP labs operate within safe harbors guidance offered by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). The last two items are the result of our early experience. They serve to prevent start up problems.


IOP focuses on correctly identifying and accommodating the group practice’s needs. Our agreements have been reviewed by attorneys in several states. Our labs are compliant and in safe harbor with Stark Law. We want your practice compliant as well as successful.

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