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In-Office Pathology, LLC Adds Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD)

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“After my own billing company told us we could not get paid for pathology services, IOP called in their team of experts and got us paid by virtually all the same plans upon the lab launch.”

-Managing partner, GI group, Northern Virginia


“They got us paid by one of the most notoriously stingy insurance plans in our region that covered 50% of our patients.”

-Managing partner, Buffalo dermatology group


“They benchmarked our practice vs. their top 10 GI practice labs and we learned that our lab was not running at a high enough quality rate compared to our GI colleagues.”

-Administrator, New England GI group


“IOP provided a lab manual for MOHS surgery to us at no charge and MOHS was not even a part of our agreement with them.”

-Administrator, New England Dermatology group


“IOP got us emergency pathologist coverage when our local pathologist got sick and that group was super to work with on that temporary basis over a weekend.”

-CEO, Georgia GI group


“Our lab has been operational since June 2011 and is running like a clock. It already has a positive cash flow after only two months.”

-Managing Partner, suburban No. Virginia GI group (now a shared pathology laboratory with 25 GI members in four different groups)


“The group’s pathology lab has been operational since October 2007. Today it continues to run like a well-oiled machine and has long since paid for itself. Our continued use of IOP keeps us up-to-date on the latest technology and regulations.”

-Practice Manager, New York Urology Group


“I do not know why every specialty group in the country does not have IOP install a pathology lab for them. It is the easiest and safest way to add new ancillary revenues to your practice.”

-MD & CEO, in-office pathology laboratory, Central Virginia


“Don’t even think of trying to do this yourself. IOP has connections and industry knowledge that others can only dream about. Our doctors are very pleased with our arrangement.”

-COO, Ohio GI group


“IOP has impressed me with every aspect of their operation. The project has been handled professionally with minimal involvement on my part. They built a beautiful lab for us. The lab was launched on time. Their histotech consultant is excellent.”

-President, New Jersey Multi-Specialty Group Practice (GI, urology, dermatology)


 ”I am a good gastroenterologist but NOT so good as a project manager for a pathology laboratory. IOP got us CLIA certified while building and equipping our new pathology laboratory. It was worth every penny of their fees.”

-Managing partner, California GI group


“IOP completed our laboratory on time, on spec, and on budget in 90 working days. They built us a showcase laboratory. Their histotech consultant was great.”

-Managing partner, suburban New York GI group


“IOP did everything they promised with minimal involvement on our part. I have recommended them to other GI groups with full confidence.”

-Managing partner, New Jersey GI group


“The laboratory policy and procedure manuals are the most detailed I have seen to date. I work at several other office-based pathology labs and the quality of these manuals is miles above the others I have seen and work with daily.”

-In-Office Pathologist, Large Florida GI group


“IOP did everything possible to allow me and my partners to install and launch our new dermatopathology laboratory. I would recommend them highly to anyone.”

-Dermatopathologist, Central Virginia


“In-office pathology has been a very good ancillary service for us. We are truly blessed to have it for the past six years compliments of IOP.”

-Managing partner, Southern California GI group



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